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Reflections on 9/11

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This day cannot begin without honoring the lives lost as a result of the attacks of September 11, 2001. The nearly three-thousand innocent victims from that day are honored yearly so we might never forget how the United States was so heinously attacked. Yet seventeen years later, a new generation has little-to-no memory of this […]

Al-Qaeda Frees Yemeni Prison

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Insurgents from Al-Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), ambushed Al Mukalla on Thursday. The group attacked government buildings and freed nearly 300 inmates at the central prison (NYT). The prison break occurred right after Saudi Arabia reported its first major success of driving the Houthis from central Aden after starting its campaign […]

Kurds, al-Qaeda, and Northern Syria.

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Last weekend, Kurdish militants engaged al-Qaeda-linked fighters on the northern border of Syria (Al-Jazeera). The Kurdish fighters belong to a consortium of different groups that include high profile organizations, such as the Kurdistan Workers Party (Al-Jazeera). The Kurdish group’s objective was to create a buffer zone between Kurdish-dominated areas in Iraq and Syria, in the […]