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Greenpeace Activists Protest Arctic Oil Rig

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On Friday, Greenpeace activists protested the completion of a new Arctic rig owned by Norwegian oil company Statoil (Sputnik). The “Sogna Enabler” oil rig is one of the company’s newest rigs is recently active in the Barents Sea (Reuters). In protest, 29 Greenpeace activists took a ship named the “Artic Sunrise” near the rig and […]

Microplastics Littering Arctic Waters

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Trillions of microplastics are littering the world’s oceans and are now finding themselves stuck in the Arctic (NYT). A recent study, published in Science Advances, shows a major ocean current is carrying these microplastics from the North Atlantic and leaving them in the Greenland and Barents seas (NYT). According to the study, only one-third of […]