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Australian Government Promises Budget Surplus in Election

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Australia’s conservative government proposed tax cuts for low and middle-income classes and promised the first budget surplus in a decade, shaping votes for the election (Reuters). Treasurer Josh Frydenberg offered 112 billion USD in tax cuts on top of tax cuts of 102 billion USD last year (Reuters). He also predicts a surplus of approximately […]

Nauru Law on Medical Transfers of Refugees

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Nauru’s government passed a law banning the medical transfer of refugees to Australia who receive a doctor referral using telehealth assessments, such as video call (Reuters). Nauru’s new law coincides with a recent vote in Australia’s parliament accepting the medical transfer of refugees from Manus and Nauru to Australia (Reuters). To accommodate those refugees, Australian […]

Australian Catholic Church Struggles with Safeguard

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The Center for Global Research released a five-year study last Wednesday which traces the history of child sexual abuse in Australia’s Catholic Church (NY Times). Professor Cahill and Dr. Wilkinson’s study asserts that the Australian Catholic Church has become synonymous with the historic sexual abuse of children (Guardian). More children face sexual assault because of […]

Trump Holds Phone Call with Australian Prime Minister

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Last Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull discussed a refugee resettlement deal organized by the Obama Administration (Reuters). According to senior U.S. officials, during the 25-minute call, Trump told Turnbull this is “the worst deal ever” (Washington Post). Trump also allegedly accused the Australian government of trying to send the […]

Australia, U.S. Announce Refugee Resettlement Deal

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Australia and the United States have reached an agreement on resettlement of refugees being held on Papua New Guinea and Nauru. Currently, asylum-seekers intercepted while trying to reach Australia by boat are sent to Australian-funded detention camps on these Pacific islands (Reuters 1). The agreement states that almost 1,300 refugees currently being held would be […]