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Obama Rallies Swing States behind Clinton

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President of the United States Barack Obama has joined Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in Florida. Recent polls suggest that Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump are neck-to-neck. Obama has made a whirlwind tour of the swing states, urging support for Clinton preparing for the election on November 8, 2016 (EuroNews). Racial […]

Putin Denies Involvement in U.S. Elections

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Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on October 12 that Russia did not hack into U.S. Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails (Reuters 1). Putin said, “They started this hysteria, saying this [hacking] is in Russia’s interests, but this has nothing to do with Russia’s interests” (Reuters 1). Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian ultra-nationalist, warned the American […]

Trump and Clinton Court the Veteran Vote

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Presidential candidates Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage September 7 to court veterans on what merits them to become commander-in-chief. Secretary Clinton went first, adamant that “steadiness…mixed with strength to be able to make the hard decisions” is critical to become president (YouTube 4:51). She went on the defensive soon after as […]