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Brexit Vote Fail Causes World Stock Market Rise

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On Tuesday, European lawmakers rejected Prime Minister May’s deal for Britain to leave the European Union, influencing stock markets to climb (Reuters 1). The European pound retraced some of its losses rallied before the vote as investors saw the defeat as a push for Britain to pursue different options (Reuters 2). The Dow Jones Industrial […]

United Kingdom Officials Resign

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On Monday, UK Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned their positions (Reuters 1). The resignations come days after Prime Minister Theresa May secured an agreement from senior ministers on an exit strategy for Brexit (Reuters 2). According to Davis, UK leaders were “giving away too […]

Brexit Revives Talk of European Army

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On September 14, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, conducted the annual European Union State of the Union address. During his speech, Juncker encouraged the creation of a permanent European headquarters to coordinate EU security and defense initiatives (Europa). The UK’s referendum to leave the EU, known as “Brexit,” renewed the push for a […]

British Trade and Economy Talks at the G20 Summit

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British Prime Minister Theresa May was a prominent figure in this year’s G20 summit, held this week. With the recent British vote to leave the European Union (“Brexit”), the British government is now open to create many bilateral free trade treaties with different countries. Some countries that have expressed interest include India, Mexico, South Korea, […]