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Hurricane Matthew Tears Through Caribbean

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Small countries have been greatly impacted by the path of Hurricane Matthew through the Caribbean. St. Lucia has already been struck by the hurricane, and it is currently recovering from the resulting flooding and mudslides (Reuters 1). After devastating Haiti on Tuesday, Hurricane Matthew is now hitting the Bahamas before reaching the United States (Reuters […]

Small Countries Ratify UN Climate Change Deal

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Several small island nations ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change on September 21 (AP). Although 175 countries signed the agreement, it will not take effect until at least 55 countries accounting for 55% of global emissions ratify (AP, UN). Many small countries were among the first to ratify the agreement, including Belize, Tuvalu, Nauru, […]

Realizing Clean Energy Potential in the Caribbean

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With plenty of sun and steady trade winds from the east, the Caribbean is a natural home for renewable energy, including sources like geothermal, biomass and marine energy (World Bank). Yet, with few exceptions, Caribbean nations rely almost entirely on imported oil and diesel to meet their energy needs, which puts electricity prices in the […]