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Russian Computers Infected by Spyware

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According to Russian Security Services (FSB), computer networks of state, defense, scientific and other high-profile organizations have been infected by a cyberespionage-type of malware (RT). The FSB added the way the malware infected the networks is similar to past cyberattacks in Russia and other countries (Reuters). The Russian agency did not specify any suspects behind […]

U.S. Complains to Russia over Diplomats’ Harassment

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Secretary of State John Kerry formally complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin, following increased intimidation of American diplomats in Russia (CNN). U.S. Department of State spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said that this issue had first been noted after imposing sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis (BBC). Diplomats from other countries stationed in Moscow have reported […]

Lavrov to Take Measures against NATO Activities

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On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told his Finnish counterpart he is ready to take preventive measures to counter NATO’s increased activities in the Baltic Sea (Reuters). The warning came after Finland’s government agreed to allow NATO Baltop 16, an annual naval exercise (Reuters). Although NATO has been carrying out naval exercises in the […]