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ExxonMobil on Trial for Climate Fraud

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New York Attorney General Leticia James insinuated that ExxonMobil officials lied to their investors about the financial cost of climate change on the company (CBS News). The corporation specifically mislead the investors on the impact of new climate change regulations on profits (The Guardian). ExxonMobil officials used two different measures for determining regulation costs, one […]

House Democrats Propose New Climate Plan

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On Tuesday, a group of House Democrats revealed a new climate change initiative that aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 (Reuters). Reportedly, the plan entails more “realistic” climate goals compared to the progressive Green New Deal which sought to attain a carbon-free economy by 2030 (Reuters; TH). The plan does not include any […]

June 2019: The Hottest June on Record

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In a report published Thursday, scientists from the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed that last month was the hottest June ever recorded in 140 years (Reuters). The report showed an increase of 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit in the average global temperature during this year’s month of June above that of the 20th-century.The records […]

Jay Inslee Announces Candidacy; Prioritizes Climate Change

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Governor Jay Inslee of Washington announced his candidacy for president and said he plans to focus on climate change. In his announcement speech, Inslee said the US needs to shift priorities towards solving climate change which he called, “America’s most daunting challenge,” (AP).  Inslee will be running as a Democrat against at least 12 other […]

White House Panel Forming to Investigate Climate Change

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Officials at the White House are organizing a panel to investigate the connection between climate change and national security. An executive order will formally establish the Presidential Committee on Climate Security which White House officials are currently drafting(WP). This announcement follows the warning made by the Director of Intelligence Dan Coats to the Senate Intelligence […]