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Referendum to Remove Venezuelan President Delayed

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Seven hundred percent inflation and three straight years of economic hardship have many Venezuelans opposing the current government (Al Jazeera 1). Demands for President Maduro’s resignation sparked massive protests throughout Venezuela. Almost a million protesters flooded the streets of Caracas earlier this month (Al Jazeera 2). On Wednesday, members of the Venezuelan legislature ruled that […]

Deadly Anti-Government Protests in DRC

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At least 17 people were killed in anti-government protests in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on Monday (AP). The deadly clash between protestors and police left three policemen and 14 civilians dead, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Claude Pero Luwara (Reuters). Thousands marched through the capital city of Kinshasa to protest a delay […]

Trump and Clinton Court the Veteran Vote

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Presidential candidates Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage September 7 to court veterans on what merits them to become commander-in-chief. Secretary Clinton went first, adamant that “steadiness…mixed with strength to be able to make the hard decisions” is critical to become president (YouTube 4:51). She went on the defensive soon after as […]

Gabon’s Election Crisis

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Much has happened in Gabon since the August 31 election results narrowly handed the incumbent President Ali Bongo re-election. Protestors calling for released results and a recount set the parliament on fire, and security forces bombed the opposition headquarters of presidential candidate Jean Ping. Since then, security forces have arrested more than 1,200 people protesting […]

Peruvian Presidential Election Closest in Fifty Years

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Pablo Kuczynski, the leader of the Peruvians for Change Party (UPI), celebrated after election officials announced Kuczynski won a slight majority over Keiko Fujimori (AP). Following the closest presidential election in Peru in fifty years, Kuczynski has called for unity, but Fujimori has yet to concede (AP). With the election differing by .2 points, or […]

Despite Opposition, EU Declares Guinea Elections Valid

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European Union observers declared Guinean elections to be valid on Tuesday, October 13, despite opposition claiming President Alpha Conde rigged the votes to enter office for a second term (AllAFrica). Although there were logistical problems, such as a lack of voting materials and opening polling stations late, the overall integrity of this election was not […]