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Ethiopia-Eritrea First Talks In 20 Years

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On Tuesday, high-level leaders from Ethiopia and Eritrea “opened the doors of peace” after nearly two decades of military stand-offs (Reuters). In a rapid series of policy changes or reversals, Ethiopia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government would fully implement a UN peace agreement made in 2000 (AJ). Ethiopia’s rapidly growing economy […]

Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency, Blames ‘Foreign Enemies’

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn declared a six-month state of emergency in a televised address on Sunday following months of anti-government protests (BBC). The protests were carried out by the country’s two largest ethnic groups, the Oromo and Amhara people, complaining that power is held by a small Tigrean elite (BBC). According to government officials, […]

‘First human’ discovered in Ethiopia

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Scientists have discovered a jawbone in Ethiopia, which they believe to be the remains of one of the very first humans (BBC). The 2.8 million-year-old jawbone is 400,000 years older than the previous remains thought to be the oldest human (Smithsonian). The bone was found in close proximity to the iconic remains, “Lucy,” discovered in […]