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US Reinstates Sanctions Against Iran

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The US has reinstated sanctions against Iran, targeting Iran’s energy, financial and shipping sectors (AP). This move comes directly after the 180-day wind-down period following the US’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) (Time). US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed the US granted specific oil import waivers to eight countries (NPR). […]

Russian President Meets with Austrian Leaders

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Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Austria to meet with government and business leaders to discuss European Union (EU) sanctions on Russia. The sanctions were a response to the annexation of Crimea by the Russian government for years ago (Reuters 1). While the sanctions contributed to the two-year recession in Russia, the […]

Third Gender Category Now Allowed by German Court Ruling

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On November 8, 2017, The German Federal Constitutional Court ruled the allowance of a third category for citizens who do not wish to identify as female or male (NYT, AP, Reuters 1). German authorities must decide, by 2018, whether to assign a third category or to eliminate gender categories on civil documentation (AP, Reuters 1). […]

Protests Over Catalonia on Multiple Fronts

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The Catalonian independence movement has caused a series of protests in both Catalonia and Spain. After the referendum on October 1st, supporters of Spanish unity demonstrated against Catalan leaders officially declaring their independence (NYT 1). Protesters who are against a secession argue that leaders of Catalonia and Spain need to communicate more effectively and engage […]

European, African Leaders Respond to Migration Trafficking

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Leaders of European countries met with leaders of African countries in a Paris mini summit. Participants met with the common goal of addressing illegal migration through human smuggling. Proposals included European-financed developments, funding for humane care of migrants, stronger border controls in Chad and Niger, and preliminary reviews for asylum (NY Times). German Chancellor Angela […]