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Google, Amazon Among Those Targeted in EU Rules

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The European Commission (EC) proposed a regulation for fairness and transparency in online platform trading in April; on Wednesday the EU’s institutions announced the accord (TC). The digital single market strategy serves to aid traders selling via marketplaces, hotels using booking platforms or app developers (Europa PR). The agreement outlaws unexplained account suspensions and sudden […]

EU Warns of Crime Risks of Governments’ Sales of Identification

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On Wednesday, the European Commission stated that passport and visa selling schemes in Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria pose a security risk to the European Union (EU) (Reuters 1). Those three countries are the only ones to sell “golden passports”, while 20 EU members, including Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria, sell “golden visas” (BBC). Rich foreigners can […]

Brexit Vote Fail Causes World Stock Market Rise

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On Tuesday, European lawmakers rejected Prime Minister May’s deal for Britain to leave the European Union, influencing stock markets to climb (Reuters 1). The European pound retraced some of its losses rallied before the vote as investors saw the defeat as a push for Britain to pursue different options (Reuters 2). The Dow Jones Industrial […]

Russian President Meets with Austrian Leaders

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Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Austria to meet with government and business leaders to discuss European Union (EU) sanctions on Russia. The sanctions were a response to the annexation of Crimea by the Russian government for years ago (Reuters 1). While the sanctions contributed to the two-year recession in Russia, the […]

Macedonia’s Left Wing Coalition Claims Electoral Victory

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Macedonia’s left leaning ruling party claimed victory in the country after recent regional elections (Telesur). A clear lead was declared as the polls closed, and the left-wing coalition successfully led in 54 of Macedonia’s 80 municipalities. Previous local elections favored the country’s conservative party; in previous elections conservatives led with support from 56 of 81 […]