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France Plans Asylum ‘Hotspots’ in Libya

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French President Emmanuel Macron plans to create “hotspots” to process asylum seekers. Macron said the new areas will help keep ineligible refugees from “taking crazy risks,” and potentially minimize the flow of migrants (BBC). He estimated that Libya, a transit country for migrants and the main point of departure for migrants attempting to reach Europe, […]

Paris Mayor Attempted to Ban Black Feminist Festival

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo sparked controversy last week when she called for the banning of a black feminist festival set for the last weekend of July. Hidalgo tweeted that she opposed the event due to its prohibition of white attendees (Al Jazeera). After receiving backlash on Twitter for her statements that were partially based on […]

Cement Firm Admits Payments to Syrian Armed Groups

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One of LafargeHolcim’s cement plants allegedly paid protection money to armed groups in Syria to continue production in the war-torn country (Reuters). An internal investigation had revealed that the branch in northern Syria had struck “unacceptable” deals with armed groups in 2013 and 2014 to ensure safe passage for company employees and supplies (AP). The […]

Trump Continues to Cast Shadow Over Climate Summit

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A litany of world leaders at the ongoing climate summit in Marrakesh, Morocco, have criticized U.S. President-elect Donald Trump for his proposed stances on climate policy. French President Francois Hollande warned inaction would be “disastrous for future generations” and “dangerous for peace,” emphasizing that U.S. participation in the agreement was “irreversible” (Reuters 1). United Nations […]

ISIS Uses Female Fighters in France

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Paris security forces dismantled a terrorist cell made up of young Frenchwomen on Friday after a car containing gas canisters was found in Paris last week (NYT). When authorities found the abandoned car outside of Notre Dame Cathedral, they found that the women had attempted to ignite the canisters with lit cigarettes (The Guardian). While […]

Terror Strikes France, 84 Killed and 202 Injured

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On Thursday night, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a 19-ton truck into a sea of civilians celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France (Reuters). The French police officers ended the massacre by shooting Bouhlel dead (AP). At least 84 people were killed, many were children, and over 202 people are wounded (NYT). French leaders extended France’s 9-month-old […]