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Populist Party Makes Gains in Liechtenstein Parliament

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Populism in Europe made its presence felt in Liechtenstein, following the alpine microstate’s parliamentary elections this past weekend. The Independents, a relatively new right-wing populist party, gained the largest electoral victory at 18.4 percent of the vote. In addition, the left-wing, anti-monarchist party, Free List, captured 12.6 percent of the vote (Politico). The victories of […]

Russia Denies Coup, Assassination Allegations in Montenegro

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Russian officials denied allegations of Russian involvement in a conspiracy against the Montenegrin government this past October. Montenegrin Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic told the media that “we know that Russia’s state institutions were involved,” and called for the Russian government to pursue an internal investigation (Reuters 1). Katnic singled out Eduard Sismakov, a former Russian […]

Equatorial Guinea Hosts Ousted Gambian President

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Information Minister Eugenio Nse Obiang confirmed that Equatorial Guinea is hosting ousted Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh relinquished power after a coalition of West African states spearheaded by Senegal pressured him following his refusal to accept his loss in an election against opposition leader Adam Barrow (Reuters). Jammeh has come under criticism by Gambians due […]

Trump Continues to Cast Shadow Over Climate Summit

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A litany of world leaders at the ongoing climate summit in Marrakesh, Morocco, have criticized U.S. President-elect Donald Trump for his proposed stances on climate policy. French President Francois Hollande warned inaction would be “disastrous for future generations” and “dangerous for peace,” emphasizing that U.S. participation in the agreement was “irreversible” (Reuters 1). United Nations […]

British Supreme Court Rules Air Pollution Standards Subpar

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A ruling from the British Supreme Court earlier this week deemed the United Kingdom’s air pollution reduction efforts as inadequate. Last year, the Supreme Court ordered the government to develop an air pollution management plan that complied with European Union regulations. The EU standards, known as the Air Quality Directive, required member states work to […]