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Turkey Repatriates Islamic State Members

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On Tuesday, Turkey’s defense minister announced an American man suspected of being part of the Islamic State is being sent back to the United States (AP). The suspect spent three days in a heavily militarized zone on the border between Greece and Turkey after Athens refused his entry (AP). On Thursday, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said […]

Students in Europe Rally for Climate Change

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Young, student protesters skipped classes in Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium to demand their governments respond faster to climate change (BBC). One German student claimed protesting took priority over education, and followed the claim by questioning the purpose of school “if we have no future?” (BBC). These protests were inspired by 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunburg […]

Angela Merkel to Step Down in 2021

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced she will end her term as Chancellor in 2021 (BBC). Merkel stated, “I will not be seeking any political post after my term ends” (BBC). Merkel is stepping down due to poor performance within her party, of which she takes “full responsibility” (BBC). Merkel further stated, “As chancellor and leader […]

Conservative Ruling Party Loses Support in Bavarian Election

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The voters in the German state of Bavaria elected representatives to their regional Landtag on Sunday. The Christian Social Union (CSU), the conservative Bavarian sister-party of the federal Christian Democratic Union, won the most votes yet lost sixteen seats (Deustche Welle 1). The CSU has governed Bavaria without interruption for decades, but CSU leader Markus […]

German Chancellor Reassigns Controversial Intelligence Chief

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel appointed Hanz-Georg Maassen, the director of the German intelligence agency, to serve as a senior advisor in the Interior Ministry on Tuesday (Deutsche Welle). In early September, Maassen publicly contradicted Merkel’s condemnation of recent anti-immigration demonstrations in Chemnitz, even though German intelligence chiefs usually do not make political statements. The demonstrations […]