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KFC, McDonald’s, Apple Boycotted in China

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Throughout the last week, small protest groups have been spotted standing outside Apple retailers, KFC outlets and McDonald’s restaurants in China (Quartz). Protestors have been yelling anti-American slogans and disrupting daily business operations (New York Times). Technically, forming groups and then proceeding to protest is banned in China, unless one receives permission to do so […]

China Faces Massive Floods

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Intense flooding in central and southern China is projected to worsen over the coming days (Reuters). Well over 100 people have been killed and dozens more reported missing since floods began (UPI). Flooding has most viciously affected farmers in rural China; approximately 2 million hectares of crops have been damaged and innumerable livestock killed (Reuters). […]

North Korea Allows Private Land Ownership

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The North Korean government has started legitimizing the private ownership of land (UPI). A news service founded by North Korean defector Jang Jin-sung has reported that the North Korean government has recently started permitting the possession and sale of real estate, but the law does come with parameters (New Focus International). Families cannot purchase plots […]

North Korean Hackers Infiltrate South Korean Systems

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The North Korean government has successfully hacked more than 140,000 South Korean computers located at over 160 businesses and government agencies (Reuters). Since 2014, North Korean hackers have been working vigorously to infiltrate South Korean information systems in order to steal military secrets (Korea Times). South Korean media outlets have reported that North Korean hackers were […]

Okinawa Base Faces Anti-American Sentiment

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Citizens of Okinawa are becoming more opposed to the presence of American military installations (Reuters 1). Recently, American military personnel and contractors have been involved in a wave of crime (Shanghai Daily). An American soldier raped a young Japanese schoolgirl, an American contractor murdered a Japanese woman and an American sailor caused a car accident […]