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Maldives Ex-Leader Allowed to Travel to UK for Treatment

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Former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed arrived Thursday, January 21 in the United Kingdom (UK) for surgery on his spinal cord (BBC1). Nasheed is serving a sentence of 13 years after being controversially jailed under anti-terror laws (NBC News). The Maldivian ex-leader had been seeking urgent treatment abroad for his condition (BBC2). The Maldivian government permitted […]

After Deadly Attacks in Paris, France Seeks International Support

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On the night of Friday, November 13, a series of attacks in Paris, France killed at least 129 individuals and wounded hundreds more (CNN). Armed with rifles and suicide vests, three separate teams of attackers, eight individuals in total, carried out the deadly attacks on targets including the Bataclan concert hall and a soccer stadium […]

US Military Airdrops Ammunition to Syrian Rebels

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On Sunday, the United States (US) military airdropped ammunition to Syrian rebels fighting against Islamic State (IS) in northern Syria, according to a US military spokesman (Reuters). The spokesman also discussed the recent success of counter-IS ground forces with US air force support (Reuters). US air force cargo aircraft dropped small-arms ammunition to groups whose […]