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Students Encouraged to Leave Amidst Hong Kong Protests

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As the increasingly violent five-month-long Hong Kong protests continue, university students have been urged to leave (AP 1). The Chinese University of Hong Kong was barricaded by demonstrators after violent clashes with police on Tuesday (AP 1; NYT 1). During Tuesday’s protest at Chinese University, protesters threw more than 400 gasoline bombs (AP 1). In […]

Hong Kong Court Finds “Umbrella Movement” Leaders Guilty

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A court in Hong Kong found nine leaders of pro-democracy protests guilty on Tuesday due to protest activity in 2014 (AP).  All individuals with sentences are members of the “Umbrella Movement,” a group of demonstrators demanding the right to democratically elect a leader in Hong Kong (Bloomberg).  The movement received its nickname from student demonstrators […]

Hong Kong Democracy Poll Sparks Tension

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Over 738,000 Hong Kong natives cast ballots in an unofficial referendum on democracy, far exceeding organizers’ anticipated draw of 100,000 (Wall Street Journal). Sponsored by pro-democracy organization Occupy Central with Love and Peace, the poll asked voters to choose between three procedures for electing the chief executive, Hong Kong’s top position. All three procedures are […]