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Brunei to Introduce Sharia Law

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Starting April 3rd, the Brunei government will fully implement Sharia law which the nation slowly introduced since 2014 (Reuters 1). Under Sharia law, the government allows the death penalty for “rape, adultery, sodomy, robbery and insulting or defaming the prophet Muhammad,” (Guardian). It also allows “death by stoning for adultery and gay sex,” public flogging […]

Event puts spotlight on trafficking

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To honor Human Trafficking Awareness Week, UCF’s student group Knights for Social Justice hosted a panel discussion today. The event brought together an array of community leaders who presented diverse ideas on the issue of human trafficking in Central Florida and around the world. Notably, they highlighted the threat of trafficking faced by young people […]

Burundi Forces United Nations to Close Human Rights Office

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The Burundi Government has forced the United Nations to close its local human rights office after operating in Burundi for 23 years (AP News). Burundi previously displayed opposition to the U.N office, suspending all cooperation in October 2016 after a U.N investigation reported Burundi’s involvement in crimes against humanity (Reuters). Burundi’s government has denied many […]

Canadian Federal Committee Examines Human Trafficking Cross-Country

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On Monday, Jennifer Holleman delivered a powerful speech to a cross- country parliamentary committee meeting on human trafficking in Halifax, Canada (Ottawa). Holleman developed her passion for preventing human trafficking after her daughter died in a car accident with a john two years ago (Ottawa). Holleman’s daughter, Maddison Fraser, moved to Alberta, Canada in her […]

European, African Leaders Respond to Migration Trafficking

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Leaders of European countries met with leaders of African countries in a Paris mini summit. Participants met with the common goal of addressing illegal migration through human smuggling. Proposals included European-financed developments, funding for humane care of migrants, stronger border controls in Chad and Niger, and preliminary reviews for asylum (NY Times). German Chancellor Angela […]