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NGO Helps Survivors Design Anti-Trafficking Software

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A software company based in California is drawing on survivor’s personal experiences to create anti-human-trafficking technology (Reuters). The non-governmental organization AnnieCannons is helping trafficking victims get back on their feet by teaching them to code (HuffPost). When modern slaves are freed, they are often left with little to no money, education, and/or formal job training […]

Artificial Intelligence Helps Locate Victims of Sex Trafficking

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Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence program that uses crowdsourced photos of hotel rooms to aid in locating sex trafficking victims (Reuters). Traffickers often bring their victims to hotels, take a picture of them in the room, and post it on the dark web as an advertisement (Reuters). The new development, called Hotels-50K, uses the […]

Trafficking Reforms in Thai Fishing Industries

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Thailand’s fishing industry is undergoing promising changes after years of international condemnation of “slavery, trafficking and violence on fishing boats and at onshore processing facilities” (Reuters 1). Following a threat from the European Union to ban Thai fishing exports, and scrutiny from the U.S. State Department, Thailand has toughened its related laws, penalties, and oversight […]

China’s Gender Imbalance Fuels Sex Trafficking in Region

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The growing gender imbalance in China’s population is fueling a sex trafficking scheme in the region, according to increased reports of kidnapped women and forced marriages (Economist). Decades of the One-Child Policy and a cultural preference for sons have caused the nation to suffer from a shortage of marrying-age women (Vice). Some Chinese men have […]

Refugees in Bangladesh Face Traffickers

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The United Nations’ migration agency reported Rohingya families in Bangladesh are selling the refugee girls into forced labor to raise money for themselves (Reuters). Given the regulations refugees face in camps, barring their departure or work, they are left prey to traffickers. Families desperate to earn money, send or sell their daughters to work in […]

New California Laws Target Human Trafficking

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California Governor Jerry Brown signed six bills into law on Thursday, which are aimed to address human trafficking (NBC). Assembly Bill (AB) No. 2034 and Senate Bill (SB) No. 970 require human trafficking awareness training to transit related or adjacent businesses. Assembly Member Ash Kalra introduced AB 2034, which obligaets  businesses operating intercity passenger travel […]