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Ending Trafficking: Where to Start?

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As we mark World  Day Against Trafficking in Persons 2018, what thoughts should be going through our minds? That human trafficking and modern slavery are terrible? They are. That this evil should not be happening in modern times? True. That we bear collective responsibility for fixing the problem? Indeed. So, how to proceed? The Inter-Agency Coordination […]

Canadian Federal Committee Examines Human Trafficking Cross-Country

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On Monday, Jennifer Holleman delivered a powerful speech to a cross- country parliamentary committee meeting on human trafficking in Halifax, Canada (Ottawa). Holleman developed her passion for preventing human trafficking after her daughter died in a car accident with a john two years ago (Ottawa). Holleman’s daughter, Maddison Fraser, moved to Alberta, Canada in her […]

Honoring David Boone

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David W. Boone, a ’75 UCF graduate who passed away this week, understood that abolitionism never succeeded – in the United States or anywhere. Today, the gruesome global empire of human trafficking and modern slavery subjugates an estimated 40 million people worldwide, including in Central Florida. In response, Boone made a vow that will forever […]

Brazilian President Fails to Narrow Modern Slavery Definition

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A government directive by Brazil’s ministry of labor published a redefinition of “slave-like work” on Monday, October 17 (The Guardian). The International Labor Organization (ILO) expressed concerns that the new government decree “runs the risk of interrupting” the progress made by Brazil on fighting slave labor (Reuters). The original law listed four conditions to categorize […]