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US Congress Reaches Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown

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United States congressional negotiators reached an agreement Monday night in order to avoid the deadline for another government shutdown. The agreement reached would finance new construction along the U.S.-Mexico border (AP). Republican Senator Richard Shelby did not give an outline for the plan yet but commented that staff will work that out (Al Jazeera). The […]

Terrorist Attack in Manhattan Incites Political Controversy

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An immigrant from Uzbekistan named Sayfullo Saipov murdered eight people on Tuesday by crashing a truck into a bike path in lower Manhattan. Police officers shot and arrested the assailant and federal investigators charged him with terrorism. Saipov has professed allegiance to Islamic State and claimed to be inspired by IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s […]

Al Jazeera Interviews Controversial Gambian “People-Mover”

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Al Jazeera recently interviewed Gambian Mohammed Lamine Janneh, known as L-Boy, on his business of helping people enter Europe the “backway” (Al Jazeera). The “backway” refers to the popular and dangerous route of traveling through the Sahara to the Mediterranean and finally to Europe. An estimated 181,000 Africans took this route in 2016 to flee […]

Child Immigration Declining

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The number of unaccompanied immigrant children apprehended while illegally trying to cross the U.S. border has been declining in recent months. Over ten thousand children were caught this June, and just over three thousand were stopped this August. Since last October, over 66,000 unaccompanied immigrant children have been detained (US News). Most of the children […]