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United States Ends Preferential Trade Deals with India

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The United States government intends to scrap the preferential trade status granted to India that allows duty-free entry for up to $5.6 billion worth of its exports (Al Jazeera). Under the Generalized System of Preferences program (GSP) “certain products” can enter the U.S. duty-free if countries meet the eligibility criteria (Al Jazeera). One of the […]

Indian Airstrikes Target Pakistan

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On Tuesday, Indian fighter jets crossed the border into neighboring Pakistan and dropped bombs outside the town of Balakot, located 40 miles inside Pakistan (WP). Indian officials claim the target was a training camp that Jaish-e-Muhammad utilizes, which claimed responsibility for a suicide attack earlier this month on Indian soil (WP). Pakistan’s government claims to […]

Lockheed Proposes Plan to Shift F-16 Production to India

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Lockheed Martin, a United States defense firm, is competing with other companies to win a contract to supply the Indian air force with 114 combat planes (Reuters). Lockheed has offered to shift the F-16 production line from the United States to India, making India the sole global production center for the F-16 (Reuters). The proposed […]

Tallest Statue in the World is Now in India

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The Indian government has unveiled its newest statue, now the tallest in the world. The statue is of independence leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India’s first interior minister and deputy prime minister (BBC). The statue cost about 400 million USD and stands 597ft high in Gujarat, almost twice as high as the Statue of Liberty in […]

India Bans Stubble Burning

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The Indian government created a new plan to decrease the amount of pollution and smog that usually occurs in November and lasts throughout winter. This new plan prevents farmers from burning stubble, or rice straw, left over from growing rice in order to switch to wheat within a month (WP). The Indian government is trying […]