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Turkey’s Extradition Request for Syrian Kurdish Leader

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Saleh Muslim, a former leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) in Syria, has been detained in Prague, Czech Republic on Saturday. The Intercontinental Police (Interpol) arrested him at the request of Turkish Interpol (Associated Press). The Turkish government considers the PYD to be an affiliate branch of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which […]

Iraqi Forces Enter Mosul

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Iraqi security forces entered the outskirts of Mosul on Tuesday for the first time since the city fell to Islamic State militants two years ago (BBC). Iraqi counterterrorism forces, the Iraqi army and Kurdish fighters make up the security forces that pushed through ISIS-controlled territory quicker than anticipated, but they have reached greater resistance as […]

Kurds, al-Qaeda, and Northern Syria.

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Last weekend, Kurdish militants engaged al-Qaeda-linked fighters on the northern border of Syria (Al-Jazeera). The Kurdish fighters belong to a consortium of different groups that include high profile organizations, such as the Kurdistan Workers Party (Al-Jazeera). The Kurdish group’s objective was to create a buffer zone between Kurdish-dominated areas in Iraq and Syria, in the […]