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Mercosur Summit Addresses Venezuela Crisis

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Members of South America’s trading bloc Mercosur called for an end to violence in Venezuela and a restoration of institutional order in the region (Rio Times, LAHT). Venezuela was suspended from Mercosur last December over human rights concerns (Reuters). In a written statement, official Mercosur members, including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, offered to facilitate […]

Latin American Prosecutors Join Forces on Odebrecht Bribes

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Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction firm, is under investigation for corruption. Prosecutors from eleven different Latin American countries have come together to create “the broadest, most rapid and effective cooperation” on the case involving the company (LAP). The Brazilian Attorney General’s Office organized the meeting with law enforcement from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, […]

Mexican Air Force Airlifts Food over Protest Blockades

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The Mexican Air Force will airlift 108 tons of corn into Oaxaca over blockades built by the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CTNE) by Monday (BBC). Juan Manuel Valle, Mexico’s federal food distribution chief, said that the CTNE’s blockades are preventing food from reaching impoverished areas in Oaxaca (Guardian). Miguel Osorio Chong, Secretary of the […]

Peruvian Presidential Election Closest in Fifty Years

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Pablo Kuczynski, the leader of the Peruvians for Change Party (UPI), celebrated after election officials announced Kuczynski won a slight majority over Keiko Fujimori (AP). Following the closest presidential election in Peru in fifty years, Kuczynski has called for unity, but Fujimori has yet to concede (AP). With the election differing by .2 points, or […]

Latin American Journalists Describe ‘Trumpismo’

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Although Donald Trump’s campaign style is new to the American political landscape, such approaches to politics are much more familiar to those in Latin America (Wall Street Journal). Media outlets in Latin America have been trying to explain the rise of Donald Trump in the United States to their local audiences by drawing comparisons between […]