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East Libyan Forces Target Tripoli

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Forces belonging to the East Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar have begun an offensive into Western Libya and have set their sights on Tripoli (Reuters 1). A skirmish erupted to the south of Tripoli between Haftar’s LNA (Libyan National Army) and forces allied with the internationally-recognized government in Tripoli (al-Jazeera). An LNA spokesman said the operation […]

France Plans Asylum ‘Hotspots’ in Libya

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French President Emmanuel Macron plans to create “hotspots” to process asylum seekers. Macron said the new areas will help keep ineligible refugees from “taking crazy risks,” and potentially minimize the flow of migrants (BBC). He estimated that Libya, a transit country for migrants and the main point of departure for migrants attempting to reach Europe, […]

The Latest: Europe’s Migrant Crisis

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Since June 24, 8,864 migrants journeyed across the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to reach Europe, according to the United Nations Migrant Agency (AP). Both the end of Ramadan and relatively calm seas have led to an increase in Libyan smugglers launching boats full of migrants towards Italy (Washington Post). Italian-led rescue operations found three […]

Monkey Attack Sparks Deadly Clashes in Libya

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A pet monkey belonging to a shopkeeper from the Gaddadfa tribe attacked a schoolgirl, causing days of deadly tribal clashes in the city of Sabha in southern Libya. The monkey reportedly pulled off a girl’s headscarf, and bit and scratched her. Men from the Awlad Suleiman tribe retaliated by killing three Gaddadfa people, along with the monkey (Reuters). […]