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Macedonia’s Left Wing Coalition Claims Electoral Victory

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Macedonia’s left leaning ruling party claimed victory in the country after recent regional elections (Telesur). A clear lead was declared as the polls closed, and the left-wing coalition successfully led in 54 of Macedonia’s 80 municipalities. Previous local elections favored the country’s conservative party; in previous elections conservatives led with support from 56 of 81 […]

U.S. Tanks Moved to Baltic States

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The U.S. Army will send battle tanks to the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania along Russia’s borders ahead of an upcoming NATO operation (UPI). In early January, then-President Obama sent 3,000 U.S soldiers into Poland to reassure NATO allies concerned about a more territorially aggressive Russia (BBC). More than 80 tanks and hundreds […]

NATO Exercise in Montenegro Sparks Tension

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On October 31, a NATO military exercise began in Montenegro. 32 Member States and partner countries are taking part in the exercise, with approximately 680 participants. The exercise is a joint venture between the Montenegrin Interior Ministry and the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (Government of Montenegro), and utilizes scenarios that focus on responses to […]

Russian Government Suspends Nuclear Disarmament Deal

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On October 3, President Vladimir Putin revoked the Russian Federation’s participation in the Plutonium Management and Disposal Agreement (PMDA). This deal was done in tandem with the United States as a way to reduce cold war nuclear stockpiles. Putin claimed this was a response to the threat posed by recent hostile actions from the United […]

Lavrov to Take Measures against NATO Activities

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On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told his Finnish counterpart he is ready to take preventive measures to counter NATO’s increased activities in the Baltic Sea (Reuters). The warning came after Finland’s government agreed to allow NATO Baltop 16, an annual naval exercise (Reuters). Although NATO has been carrying out naval exercises in the […]