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10 Things to Know About Impeachment

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Photo by Lauren Schoepfer, from UCF Today

In a recently published opinion piece, GPII Director David Dumke shares his thoughts on the presidential impeachment process. His “10 Things to Know About Impeachment” are based on his unique experience working for several members of Congress, especially on the House floor during the impeachment proceedings involving President Bill Clinton. Read the full article at […]

Morales Attempts to Remove UN Investigator

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Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales attempted on Monday to expel Ivan Velasquez, the head of a U.N. commission investigating the president’s campaign finances. Guatemala’s Constitutional Court blocked the order within hours, and the court officially ruled against the president on Tuesday (Reuters 1). Following the attempt, several Guatemalan cabinet members resigned, and civilians in opposition to […]

Latin American Journalists Describe ‘Trumpismo’

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Although Donald Trump’s campaign style is new to the American political landscape, such approaches to politics are much more familiar to those in Latin America (Wall Street Journal). Media outlets in Latin America have been trying to explain the rise of Donald Trump in the United States to their local audiences by drawing comparisons between […]