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India Bans Stubble Burning

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The Indian government created a new plan to decrease the amount of pollution and smog that usually occurs in November and lasts throughout winter. This new plan prevents farmers from burning stubble, or rice straw, left over from growing rice in order to switch to wheat within a month (WP). The Indian government is trying […]

Microplastics Littering Arctic Waters

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Trillions of microplastics are littering the world’s oceans and are now finding themselves stuck in the Arctic (NYT). A recent study, published in Science Advances, shows a major ocean current is carrying these microplastics from the North Atlantic and leaving them in the Greenland and Barents seas (NYT). According to the study, only one-third of […]

British Supreme Court Rules Air Pollution Standards Subpar

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A ruling from the British Supreme Court earlier this week deemed the United Kingdom’s air pollution reduction efforts as inadequate. Last year, the Supreme Court ordered the government to develop an air pollution management plan that complied with European Union regulations. The EU standards, known as the Air Quality Directive, required member states work to […]