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One Million March and Protest in Seoul

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In Seoul, an estimated one million South Korean citizens protested on Saturday (Reuters 1). The protesters demanded the resignation of President Park Geun-hye due to the “crony scandal” (Chosun). The protest is the biggest in Korea’s modern history, pulling in more people than the pro-democracy protests in 1987 (Chosun). Protesters of all ages marched towards […]

Mexican Air Force Airlifts Food over Protest Blockades

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The Mexican Air Force will airlift 108 tons of corn into Oaxaca over blockades built by the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CTNE) by Monday (BBC). Juan Manuel Valle, Mexico’s federal food distribution chief, said that the CTNE’s blockades are preventing food from reaching impoverished areas in Oaxaca (Guardian). Miguel Osorio Chong, Secretary of the […]

Demonstrations for Climate Change Action Ahead of U.N. Summit

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Last Sunday, the streets of New York were packed with hundreds of thousands of people marching to demand climate action. The event, organized by the international advocacy group Avaaz and others, is being considered the largest climate-change demonstration in history. The police department did not provide crowd estimates, but different sources are estimating that between […]

Sticks, Stones and Petrochemicals in China

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The government of Chinese city Maoming in Guangzhou announced that it would halt development of a petrochemical plant if the majority of residents are against it. This announcement came following protests that turned violent this weekend, with residents against the construction of a paraxylene (PX) manufacturing plant outside the city. The government emphasized that the […]