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Refugee or Migrant: What’s in a Name?

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Thousands of migrants and refugees have fled wars and persecution in the Middle East and North Africa to look for safety in Europe, resulting in what German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls the “worst migration crisis since World War Two” (Reuters). The terms “migrant” and “refugee” denote different legal rights (Guardian). Governments of destination countries can […]

Austria and Hungary Implement Border Checks in Response to Refugee Deaths

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Over the weekend, Austrian and Hungarian authorities arrested five people smugglers allegedly responsible for the deaths of 71 people, including eight women and four children (BBC). Officials suspect the 71 people suffocated in a food truck on the border between Austria and Hungary after being abandoned by the people they had paid for passage to […]

Uruguay Welcomes Syrian Refugees

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Uruguay is expected to welcome 117 Syrian refugee families by the end of 2015 as part of a resettlement program initiated by former President Jose Mujica (AFP). The families will be relocated from refugee camps in Lebanon, where the government is currently struggling to accommodate over one million Syrian refugees, according to a report by […]