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Officials Attempt to Shut Down Al Jazeera

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Leaders from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt have sent Qatari government officials a list of 13 demands in an attempt to ameliorate the conflict in the Gulf region. One of these demands includes shutting down Al Jazeera, a state news network that the Qatari government finances. According to UN Special Rapporteur […]

Lebanese Interior Ministry Bans Wonder Woman

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Previously set to premiere in Beirut theaters on Wednesday night, the new film Wonder Woman is now banned in Lebanon. Lebanon’s Interior Ministry has officially banned the film because the lead actress, Gal Gadot, is Israeli and a former soldier for the Israeli Defense Force (Al Jazeera). Gadot has previously posted political messages on the […]

Chinese Dissident Denied Asylum in Taiwan

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Last week, Chinese dissident Zhang Xiangzhong said that he would attempt to seek political asylum in Taiwan. According to Zhang, he was sentenced to three years in jail (in China) for participating in a political movement that promoted freedom and civil liberties (the ‘New Citizens’ Movement’). After being released in July 2016, Zhang claims to […]

Taiwanese Legislators Visit India

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Three legislators affiliated with the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan visited New Delhi on Monday, February 13 (Reuters). The legislators traveled to India to visit Taiwanese companies, including China Steel. India has diplomatic ties to China and, in accordance with the one-China policy, the Chinese government opposes diplomatic relations with Taipei (Times of India). An […]