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Artificial Intelligence Helps Locate Victims of Sex Trafficking

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Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence program that uses crowdsourced photos of hotel rooms to aid in locating sex trafficking victims (Reuters). Traffickers often bring their victims to hotels, take a picture of them in the room, and post it on the dark web as an advertisement (Reuters). The new development, called Hotels-50K, uses the […]

International Sex-trafficking Ring Bust

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US authorities have charged 21 people across America, including 10 Thai nationals, for their involvement with an international sex-trafficking ring. Gregory Brooker, acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota, claims the bust “required years of hard work” (Reuters). Thai and US citizens running the ring lured Thai victims with promises of visas and the […]

The Super Bowl and Human Trafficking

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The Super Bowl is the largest sex trafficking event in the United States. Large sporting events attract massive crowds, which often bring problems associated with human trafficking (Fox 26). A 2016 Carnegie Mellon study examined online sex worker during large sporting events. The researchers found there is an increase in sexually suggestive classified ads on […]