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Philippine Fishermen Return to Scarborough Shoal

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After Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to China last week, fishermen were allowed to return to Scarborough Shoal (Reuters). Scarborough Shoal is one of the main disputes between China and the Philippines regarding the South China Sea. Philippine officials stated that China has scaled down its maritime presence on the shoal (Reuters). However, Chinese officials […]

Duterte Seeks Alliances with China and Russia

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On September 26, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his intent to visit China and Russia in order to forge alliances with them. Duterte stated the Philippines was at the “point of no return” with the United States, and is seeking relations with the US’s historic rivals instead (Reuters). In order to open up business, trade […]

100,000 Deaths Due to Haze, Report Claims

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A study published by public health experts from Harvard and Columbia estimated that roughly 100,000 people in Southeast Asia may have died prematurely as a consequence of exposure to the 2015 haze. Haze is a euphemism for the widespread smog produced by forest fires throughout Indonesia due to forest clearing for palm oil plantations. Last […]

Drug War in the Philippines

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Since the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines two months ago, over 1,900 people have been killed in his war on drugs (Reuters). The death toll is approximately 36 people a day. According to police, the deaths are a result of drug dealers resisting arrest and gang feuds (Reuters). Almost all of the […]

Vietnam Set to Pick New Leaders as Congress Begins

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Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party began an eight-day congress on Thursday to nominate the next president, prime minister and the party’s general secretary (BBC). This election is extremely important, as the next leaders will determine Vietnam’s relationship with China (US News). The event is extremely secretive, taking place behind closed doors (BBC). Closely controlled media outlets […]