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Afghan President Calls Taliban to Peace Talks

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On Wednesday, 28 February 2018, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani made a formal overture to the Taliban. Ghani offered members of this Islamist insurgency incentives to join negotiations in Kabul, agree to a ceasefire and become a peaceful political group (AP 1). Ghani’s proposed incentives include passports and visas for former insurgents, the removal of sanctions, […]

Taliban Kills Dozens in Kabul Attack

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At least 28 people have been killed and more than 327 wounded in Kabul, Afghanistan during a suicide car bombing and an offensive by armed militants, Tuesday morning (IBT). Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack against the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s main spy agency which protects high-ranking government officials (NPR). According […]

Aftermath of the Lahore Terror Attack

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A bombing on Easter Day, March 27, 2016, killed more than 70 people in Lahore, Pakistan (Reuters). Around 350 people were wounded, said Mohamed Usman, Lahore’s chief administrator. Of those, 190 are being medically treated (DPA). The group that carried out the attack is called the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, which is a splinter group from the Taliban. They […]

Deadly University Attack in Pakistan

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Armed militants stormed Bacha Khan University Wednesday morning, killing 20 civilians and four suspected attackers (NYT). Roughly 50 people were injured and officials expect the death toll to rise as high as 40 (Reuters). To carry out the attack, militants scaled the walls of the university before they opened fire on students and teachers in […]