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Turkey Repatriates Islamic State Members

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On Tuesday, Turkey’s defense minister announced an American man suspected of being part of the Islamic State is being sent back to the United States (AP). The suspect spent three days in a heavily militarized zone on the border between Greece and Turkey after Athens refused his entry (AP). On Thursday, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said […]

U.S. Diplomats Testify in Public Impeachment Inquiry

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On Wednesday, Ambassador William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent testified before the House Intelligence Committee in the first public testimony of the impeachment inquiry. 13.8 million viewers watched members of congress question Taylor and Kent about a July 25 phone call between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy […]

Venezuelan Jet Shadowed U.S. Military Plane

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The U.S. military accused a Venezuelan fighter aircraft for “unsafely approaching” and “aggressively shadowing” a U.S. navy plane in international airspace on Friday (BBC). The U.S. EP-3 plane was on a multi-nationally approved reconnaissance mission to counter illicit trafficking over the Caribbean Sea (BBC; AP). U.S. authorities said the Venezuelan SU-30 fighter jet closely trailed […]

House Democrats Propose New Climate Plan

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On Tuesday, a group of House Democrats revealed a new climate change initiative that aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 (Reuters). Reportedly, the plan entails more “realistic” climate goals compared to the progressive Green New Deal which sought to attain a carbon-free economy by 2030 (Reuters; TH). The plan does not include any […]

Deployment of US Troops to Poland Sparks Conflict

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According to reports, the Russian government perceives sending 1,000 United States (US) troops to Poland is an aggressive move (Reuters). The US and Poland agreed to have 1,000 US troops dispatched to Poland as a defensive measure for security (Reuters). Ex-commander of Russia’s special forces, Vladimir Shamanov, claim that the US drones that are sent […]

Carbon Emissions Hits Record High

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According to the International Energy Agency, carbon emissions reached the highest level ever in 2018 (GCR). China, the United States, and India accounted for 85 percent of the carbon emissions due to increasing energy demand because of global economic growth (USA Today). The report said burning coal in electric was the largest contributor to the […]