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Venezuela’s Guaido Calls For Daily Protests

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Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, has staged nationwide protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro (Reuters, AP News). Guaido assumed the interim presidency in January declaring Maduro’s re-election as a fraud (Reuters). Following the resignation of Evo Morales in Bolivia, Guaido alongside the opposition have staged frequent demonstrations to instill pressure on Maduro (El […]

Venezuelan Jet Shadowed U.S. Military Plane

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The U.S. military accused a Venezuelan fighter aircraft for “unsafely approaching” and “aggressively shadowing” a U.S. navy plane in international airspace on Friday (BBC). The U.S. EP-3 plane was on a multi-nationally approved reconnaissance mission to counter illicit trafficking over the Caribbean Sea (BBC; AP). U.S. authorities said the Venezuelan SU-30 fighter jet closely trailed […]

U.N. Reports Venezuelan Death Squads Kill Young Men

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The U.N. accused Venezuelan security forces of using death squads to kill young men under the pretense of resisting arrest (Al Jazeera). U.N. Human Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet, released a report on Thursday documenting a high number of alleged extrajudicial killings of political opponents in Venezuela (BBC). The Venezuelan government registered nearly 5,300 killings last […]

U.N. Human Rights Chief Visits Venezuela

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U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, arrived in Venezuela on June 19 for a three-day visit (Reuters). Bachelet’s visit came amid accusations that Maduro was “silencing opponents with jail, torture and excessive violence” (AP). Bachelet met separately with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and National Assembly Leader Juan Guaido (Reuters). She also met with […]

Russia Sends Troops to Venezuela

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Russian military planes landed near Caracas, Venezuela on Saturday and reports claim they were carrying dozens of troops and a large amount of equipment (BBC). Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported the planes were sent to “fulfill technical military contracts,” (BBC). However, the US and other countries are questioning if this act is legitimate. Opposition leader […]