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Truck Bomb in Kabul Kills 90

Katie Steffensen, Intern, South and Central Asia

June 1, 2017

A bomb exploded near Kabul’s city center on Wednesday morning, killing at least 90 people and injuring hundreds more, according to city police (AP). The bomb was contained in a sewage tanker and detonated during rush hour traffic, killing mostly civilians. This comes just after the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and nearly four months after a blast near Kabul’s Supreme Court killed 20 (NYT). As of Wednesday evening, no one had claimed responsibility for the attack and Taliban forces denied any involvement (AFP).

The explosive detonated in close proximity to the German embassy, injuring several embassy staff members and killing one Afghan guard (AFP). German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel stated that the embassy is “continuing to support the Afghan government in the stabilization of the country” despite the blast (Reuters). Nearby embassies representing France, India, Turkey, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Bulgaria also reported damage, but no injuries (AFP). A city police spokesman could not name a motive or objective for the bombing, but does not believe that the embassy was the target (Reuters).



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