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Trump Chairs Security Council Meeting

David Callahan, Sibille H. Pritchard Global Peace Fellow

September 27, 2018

US President Donald Trump chaired the United Nations Security Council meeting Wednesday morning, September 26 (AP1). This comes after his address to the General Assembly on Tuesday, September 25 (BBC). His address focused on US sovereignty, Iran’s expanding influence and negotiations with North Korea (AP1). He lauded American patriotism, requesting the ability to operate self-sufficiently and offering that ability in turn (BBC).

This is the first time Trump has chaired the Security Council, as the position of chair rotates between member states (BBC). The topic of the meeting was that of weapons of mass destruction and their proliferation, which include nuclear, chemical and biological weapons (NYT). In his opening remarks, Trump claimed that China has been meddling in the US midterm elections and that Iran not be allowed nuclear weapons (AP2). He offered few details regarding Chinese meddling, but Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi refused to accept any “unwarranted accusations” against China (AP2).








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