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Turkey Repatriates Islamic State Members

Jacob Liebermann, Sloan Fellow, Environment and Global Climate Change

November 25, 2019

On Tuesday, Turkey’s defense minister announced an American man suspected of being part of the Islamic State is being sent back to the United States (AP). The suspect spent three days in a heavily militarized zone on the border between Greece and Turkey after Athens refused his entry (AP). On Thursday, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said the United States agreed to take in the suspect (AJ, Reuters). Nathan Sales, the U.S. State Department’s counterterrorism advisor, said Washington is working closely with Turkey and Greece to track the case (Reuters).

Turkish officials announced the deportation of one British and seven German suspects (AP). The German group included two men, four women, and a child (AJ). Authorities arrested all eight Islamic State suspects upon their arrival (AP). Turkish officials announced they will deport 23 detainees in the coming days, including militants from France, Denmark, and Ireland in the coming days (Reuters).

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