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United States Seeks UN for New Venezuelan Elections

Miriam Chaaban, Intern, Central and South America

February 28, 2019

The United States is calling upon the United Nations (UN) for a vote resolution in Venezuela, urging the “peaceful restoration of democracy,” (AP). The United Nations is due to vote on Thursday, February 28, on rival U.S. and Russian draft solutions for Venezuela (Reuters). Much of this dispute is over calling for new and fair elections and unhindered aid delivery into the country. The proposed solution also expresses “deep concern” for the violence and excessive use of force Venezuelan security forces use against peaceful, unarmed protesters (NY Times).

The Russian draft text includes a political solution, supports Maduro, and supports the Venezuelan government in being the primary coordinator of international assistance efforts (Reuters). Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia referred to President Donald Trump’s administration’s sole aim was for a change of regime, including threats through foreign intervention (NY Times). For this resolution to occur, it would need nine votes to pass and no vetoes from the United States, Russia, China, France, or Britain (Reuters). Diplomats expect the U.S. draft will receive a minimum of nine votes and the Russian draft will fail without the need of a U.S. veto (Reuters).




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