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US and China Target Chinese Company

Alea Ortiguerra, Intern, East and Southeast Asia

September 21, 2016

The United States and Chinese governments are targeting Hongxiang International, a Chinese company suspected of assisting North Korea’s nuclear program (Reuters). Police in Liaoning, the North-Eastern Chinese province bordering North Korea, began investigating the firms’ long term involvement with North Korea (WSJ). The investigation is focusing on the firm’s trading activities across the Chinese-Korean border (Reuters). A joint South Korean-US report stated Hongxiang International traded materials into North Korea that could be used for atomic weapons (Korea Herald).

Ma Xiaohong, the chairwoman of Hongxiang International, has supported strong economic ties to North Korea and called her company a “golden bridge” between China and North Korea (NYT). The US Department of Justice is preparing to announce legal action against Chinese firms providing assistance to North Korea (Reuters).







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