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Venezuelan President Wins a Second Term

Brittany Pagano, Intern, Central and South America

May 31, 2018

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro won reelection on Sunday. Maduro won by a wide margin, receiving 68% of votes cast, to second-place finisher Henri Falcon’s 21%. Maduro will serve another six-year term, continuing through 2025 (LAT). Opposition leaders called for a boycott of the election to express their dissatisfaction with the government; the voter turnout was only 46% (WaPo).

The outcome of the election is in dispute, with Maduro’s opponents and several foreign governments, including the United States’ government, declaring the election was illegitimate. The electoral board banned the largest opposition parties from participating in the election and barred key politicians from running (NYT). Additionally, the government effectively bribed citizens to vote for Maduro, saying that there would be a big prize for voting. Many citizens expressed that they thought they would receive something in exchange for voting for Maduro, likely food packages or money (NPR).






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