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Venice Experiencing Massive Flooding

Emily Porterfield, Intern, Environment and Global Climate Change

November 25, 2019

Italian government officials have declared a state of emergency in Venice after high waters flooded the city on Thursday (Al Jazeera). The flood resulted in the highest tide that Venice has had in more than 50 years (NPR). The high tide reached 1.87 meters above sea level, which is just seven centimeters less than the worst flood in Venice history in 1966 (Al Jazeera). Experts believe that the exceptionally high tide was due to winds and a full moon that pushed the tide over barricades and into the city (AP News).

The Italian presidential cabinet is planning a meeting to discuss providing 20 million euros in financial aid to Venice to sped up recovery efforts (AP News). Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy, claimed that the flood was a “blow to the heart of [the] country” due to the historic significance of the city (AP News). The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, plans to implement what he calls the Moses defense project that will prevent future high-water destruction (NPR). He warned however that the project will cost “hundreds of millions of euros” to execute, less than the Italian government is preparing to provide (Reuters).


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