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Mercosur Summit Addresses Venezuela Crisis

Kevin Wang, Intern, Central and South America

Members of South America’s trading bloc Mercosur called for an end to violence in Venezuela and a restoration of institutional order in the region (Rio Times, LAHT). ... Read More

France Plans Asylum ‘Hotspots’ in Libya

Alexandra Felt, Intern, Middle East

French President Emmanuel Macron plans to create “hotspots” to process asylum seekers. Macron said the new areas will help keep ineligible refugees from “taking ... Read More

Greenpeace Activists Protest Arctic Oil Rig

Brian Marte, Intern, Environment and Global Climate Change

On Friday, Greenpeace activists protested the completion of a new Arctic rig owned by Norwegian oil company Statoil (Sputnik). The “Sogna Enabler” oil rig is one of ... Read More

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