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John Derks

Monkey Attack Sparks Deadly Clashes in Libya

John Derks, Intern, African Development

A pet monkey belonging to a shopkeeper from the Gaddadfa tribe attacked a schoolgirl, causing days of deadly tribal clashes in the city of Sabha in southern Libya. The ... Read More

Laura Moeller

UN Ambassador Proposes Arms Embargo on South Sudan

Laura Moeller, Sibille H. Pritchard Global Peace Fellow

The American Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers, proposed an arms embargo on South Sudan on Thursday (NYT). The U.S. position on an embargo shifted after UN Secretary-... Read More

Lubba Wintzer

Federal Chief Yellen Signals Rate Rise

Lubba Wintzer, Chastang Global Fellow

Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) Janet Yellen said that interest rates in the United States could rise “relatively soon” (Reuters 1). Job rates have been ... Read More


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