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Marcul Joseph

Halting flights to infected countries

Marcul Joseph, Chastang Fellow, Global Health

The fight against Ebola is being hampered by the shortage of transportation to the epicenter of the disease in West Africa. In August, British Airways suspended its flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone for public health concerns caused by Ebola (TIME). The U.K carrier recently announced that it will extend that suspension through the end […]

Kaitlyn Brown

North Korea’s New Diplomatic Initiatives Startle World

Kaitlyn Brown, Diplomacy Fellow

North Korean officials are surprising the world with a string of diplomatic efforts. In the United Nations the nation has made the rare move to take questions and has arranged a human rights talk with the European Union (CNN). The most recent development was the visit of a high-level delegation from the country to South […]

Ashley Winnop

Syrian Kurdish Town Under Attack by ISIS

Ashley Winnop, Intern, Middle East

As Islamic State insurgents fight to seize control of Kobani, a town on the outskirts of the Syrian Kurdish border. U.S.-led airstrikes on Wednesday may have pushed the group outwards. The three-week ongoing attack on Kobani has cost 400 lives and left 180,000 inhabitants to flee to Turkey (Aljazeera). The prospect of Kobani’s capture has […]


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