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Virginia Vasquez

Police Crackdown at Istanbul Gay Pride Parade

Virginia Vasquez, Intern, Human Rights and Human Trafficking

On Sunday, Istanbul police fired water cannons and rubber pellets to break up a gay pride parade after the march was cancelled because of the holy month of Ramadan (Reuters). After being pushed out of Taksim, a busy shopping district, marchers were determined to celebrate their cause and continued into the Cihangir district (USAToday). Sunday’s […]

Amanda Mayer

Chile’s Largest City Faces Smog ‘Emergency’

Amanda Mayer, Intern, South America

City officials in Santiago, Chile, have imposed emergency measures in response to air pollution that they say has reached a “critical level” (BBC). Over 900 businesses were shut down on Sunday under government order, and about 40 percent of the city’s 1.7 million cars have been temporarily banned from the roads (Reuters). Authorities additionally recommended […]

Sambath Jayapregasham

Rwandan Spy Chief Arrested

Sambath Jayapregasham, High School Intern, Africa

On Saturday, British police arrested Rwandan Spy Chief Karenzi Karake at Heathrow Airport on a warrant issued in Spain (Reuters). He has been accused of ordering reprisal killings in wake of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide that took the lives of approximately 800,000 people (Reuters). Karake is also among 40 people sought on the orders of […]


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