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Logan Hoffman

After Deadly Attacks in Paris, France Seeks International Support

Logan Hoffman, Stephen Sloan Terrorism Studies Fellow

On the night of Friday, November 13, a series of attacks in Paris, France killed at least 129 individuals and wounded hundreds more (CNN). Armed with rifles and suicide vests, three separate teams of attackers, eight individuals in total, carried out the deadly attacks on targets including the Bataclan concert hall and a soccer stadium […]

Sophia Simioni

Five Guantanamo Bay Prisoners to be Transferred to UAE

Sophia Simioni, Intern, Middle East

The pentagon confirmed that five men who are being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison will be transferred to the United Arab Emirates (Gulf News). They will be kept under observation in the UAE until United States officials can confirm that they are no longer a threat (Gulf News). The prisoners in question are Yemeni […]

Melissa Berrios

Obama Speaks on Refugee Crisis

Melissa Berrios, Diplomacy Fellow

On Wednesday, President Obama gave a speech about the U.S. debate over the resettlement of Syrian refugees. The President says, the constant debating has turned into a recruiting tool for Islamic State militants. During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Manila, President Obama criticized the Republican Party (Wall Street Journal). The party took great measures […]


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