Michelle Rodriguez Perez

The Chinese government has reopened the city of Wuhan – where it’s believed the novel coronavirus originated – after more than two months of complete lockdown (The Hill). As of just after midnight Wednesday, the city’s 11 million residents are now permitted to leave without special authorization (Washington Post). More non-essential businesses will open their doors again, providing the first glimpse of what life could be like after a lockdown (Reuters). Hubei province –where Wuhan is located – has seen few new infections for more than a week, indicating progress in controlling the virus (Times).
Prevention measures such as wearing masks, temperature checks and limiting access to residential communities will remain in place in Wuhan (Washington Post). “There are many issues that we are not sure can be resolved,” said Guo Jing, a resident of Wuhan (Reuters). The future of employment the possibility of individuals presenting long-term effects after contracting the virus weigh heavily on the minds of many (Reuters). As the first epicenter of the now global pandemic, Wuhan provides a window into the uncertain, post-virus future (Bloomberg).


Posted April 12, 2020