Kwame Gatlin
According to a new model from the Imperial College London, under the best-case scenario Africa could see a death-toll of 300,000 due to coronavirus (A.P News). This estimate is projected given all countries introduce and maintain strict social distancing practices, but still sees 122.8 million infections, 2.2 million hospitalizations and 300,000 deaths (Reuters). In contrast the worst-case scenario projects 3.3 million people will die and 1.2 of the 1.3 billion people that live in Africa will be infected (A.P News). The World Heath Org. warned that the continent could see as many as 10 million infections in the next three to six months (Reuters).
Money is one of the main issues that prevent Africa from combating the disease, as about $100 billion USD is needed to upgrade the medical system (Bloomberg). Another $100 billion USD is being called for along with leaders from Europe and Africa calling for an immediate freeze on all African debt payments until pandemic is over (A.P News). The United Nations also recommended a complete temporary debt standstill for all African countries for 2 years (A.P News). The continent and international community continue to prepare as coronavirus makes its way to Africa (A.P News).
Posted April 22, 2020