Doctors in Nicaragua have warned of a looming crisis in the country as the result of the coronavirus pandemic (Al Jazeera). Victims’ families claim that the government is ordering “express burials” to suppress case numbers (Al Jazeera). These burials are held in the middle of the night, with few family members and within hours of the victim’s death (NYT). Ortega has frequently denied these claims, claiming that the virus is under control in Nicaragua (WSJ).

The Nicaraguan government has done little to limit the spread of the virus, keeping both schools and businesses open (WP). Nicaraguan Health Minister Martha Reyes announced last week that the number of infections had grown tenfold, yet experts argue that cases in Nicaragua are still underreported (DW). Rosario Murillo, First Lady and Vice President of Nicaragua, dismissed reports of “express burials” as false (Guardian).


Posted June 8, 2020