Mia Wilson

Russian and Chinese officials cast vetoes to block the UN Security Council from extending approval of aid deliveries to Syria from Turkey for a year (Reuters). Officials of the UN said this resolution is essential to save millions of lives in Syria (Al Jazeera). The UN approval of aid deliveries is authorized until Friday (Al Jazeera). The other 13 council members voted in favor of the resolution (Reuters).

The Security Council will vote on a Russian proposal to approve one Turkish crossing for six months (Al Jazeera). Germany and Belgium proposed reopening the Iraq crossing last month, but cut it from the draft resolution due to opposition from Russia and China (Reuters). Western diplomats said the closure of the Iraq crossing cuts off 40% of medical aid to Syria (Reuters). Amnesty International’s Head of UN Office Sherine Tadros stated the use of the veto power by Russian and Chinese officials “is despicable and dangerous” (Amnesty International).


Posted July 12, 2020