Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced Tuesday that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus (Guardian). Bolsonaro, who had been experiencing flu-like symptoms, was tested for the virus and underwent a lung x-ray on Monday afternoon (Rio Times). Bolsonaro assured supporters in Brasilia Monday night that all was well, and that his lung scan came back clean (Rio Times). The Brazilian president’s press office told reporters that Bolsonaro was being treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to combat the virus (CNN).

Bolsonaro has been criticized for his handling of the virus, and for ignoring recommendations from the World Health Organization (CNBC). In March, Bolsonaro claimed that even if he did contract the virus, he would recover quickly due to his athletic background (Guardian). A Brazilian judge issued an order last month that called on Bolsonaro to wear a mask in public (NYT). Brazil currently has over 1.5 million cases of coronavirus, the second highest count in the entire world, behind only the United States (NYT).

President Bolsonaro, Tested after Symptoms, Says He Has Covid-19

Posted July 13, 2020